My daughter has been doing TKD since she was 5 years old.  I enrolled her initially because she was shy and I wanted her to gain confidence. Not only has TKD given her this confidence but it has also given her so much more.

At a young age, TKD introduced a great deal of valuable concepts such as concentration, coordination, self-discipline, hard work and perseverance. The learning of patterns was really beneficial for improving her concentration and memory.  In addition, the sit-ups, push-ups and other rigorous exercises have really helped to get my daughter into amazing shape.  Sophia has spent countless hours on her kicks, her punches and her patterns. At the tender age of ten, she will be testing for her black belt and I couldn’t be more proud of this accomplishment. TKD is a discipline that she has been working on and because no one, except her, can accomplish it, I think that it really gives her a great sense of pride and confidence in her abilities and her talents.  Taekwondo has really highlighted the fact that hard work and dedication are necessary skills in order to succeed in all aspects of life.

The instructors at Master Kook’s Taekwondo are highly commendable. They are always so respectful not only of the kids, but also of the entire family. The instructors are knowledgeable, highly trained, very warm and extremely charismatic.  We can see from our children’s’ faces that the instructors have created strong, genuine bonds with their students.  As my daughter has matured, I can see that her TKD training has also highlighted the importance of leadership. The young kids are taught to respect the higher belts, and the higher belts are taught to look after and mentor the lower belts.

For parents looking for activities with lifelong benefits for their children, there is no better sport than TKD and no better place to train than Master Kook’s Taekwondo.  Thanks so much to Master Tony Kook for an amazing Academy and for putting together such an amazing team of dedicated professionals.
– Tess Koehle, Parent


“Master Kook’s Taekwondo is the cornerstone of my fitness regimen.  With the help of their incredible instructors and staff, I’ve lost over 30 lbs. in the past year!!  The instructors work hard to create varied and interesting workouts that combine classic TKD curriculum with moderncardio, weight training and flexibility elements to form an ideal total body workout.  The administration staff are friendly, welcoming and always available to provide information and encouragement.

Working step-by-step through the belt system provides concrete proof of progress that keeps motivation levels high. Master Kook’s Taekwondo also fosters a fun and collaborative workout environment in which students are encouraged to celebrate each other’s achievements.  Whether your goal is fitness, self-defense, tournament competitor personal self-improvement, Master Kook’s Taekwondo gives you the tools to reach your goal.  Truly an amazing school!”
-Christine Carter, Adult Student

“We could write a book about how much we love Master Kook’s Taekwondo Academy. Everything about it is of the highest caliber. Our daughter, Csilla, has been studying there for over four years and absolutely loves going to class. The level of instruction is exemplary and the instructors are the most dedicated, engaged and enthusiastic role models we could ever hope for our daughter. What she learns in class goes well beyond the study of Taekwondo. Master Kook and the instructors are passionate about reinforcing all of the things we try to instill in Csilla at home… confidence, respect, kindness, strength, perseverance and a dedication to achieving her goals and doing her best. At Master Kook’s, they are not just teaching Csilla skills in Taekwondo, they are teaching her skills for life. Enrolling our daughter in Master Kook’s Taekwondo Academy is one of the best things we could have ever done for her and we happily recommend the school to everyone we know. Thank you to Master Kook and all of the wonderful instructors for everything you have done for Csilla. We are extremely grateful.”
– Carolyn and Balazs Egerszegi, Parents

“Both of my kids are taking classes at Master Kook’s Taekwondo, and for them and for myself, it feels like we have been welcomed into a family!  With the amazing instructors and masters and the exciting and dynamic classes that they teach, Master Kook’s Taekwondo is the true meaning of community.  The classes have done so much for my children’s focus, commitment, self-esteem and confidence, and have empowered them to try things and explore goals that they never before thought possible.  Taekwondo is the best extracurricular activity my kids have ever been involved in, bar none.  They always look forward to going, and feel incredible about what they have accomplished – and I love watching their classes too!”
-Carrie Gadsby, Parent


“The amazing instructors of both NSTKD and WV TKD provide my family with incredible knowledge and guidance in our development and at the same time make it a fun and enjoyable place to be!  Thank you!”
  -Jodi Horn, Parent and Student


“My family has had the honor and pleasure of being a part of Master Kook’s Taekwondo for the past five years. First I signed my six-year-old son up, but after watching his classes for a few weeks I simply had to join myself! It wasn’t long until his little sister was also kicking, punching and kihaping on the mats!
Throughout the years, I have been constantly impressed by the quality of instruction and the kindness, friendliness, and enthusiasm of each and every Instructor and Master that works in the school with the students. The students, young and old alike, are always given incredible encouragement and are taught to strive for the best results they can achieve. Each child in the program benefits hugely from the wisdom and encouragement of the Instructors and the fantastic program that Master Kook’s Taekwondo provides. They are instilled with confidence like no other activity I have ever seen. The adults, also, benefit similarly and we all appreciate the terrific workout and camaraderie, too!
There is no other taekwondo school I could ever imagine being a part of, and Master Kook’s Taekwondo has come to feel like a second home and a second family for us.”
-Emily Rubin, Parent and Student


“Master Kook’s Taekwondo has helped me grow as a person and achieve things that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to. Made of amazing instructors and dependable leaders, this school has definitely made a positive impact in my life!”
– Joshua Park, Black Belt Student & Leadership Team member